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To make an offline donation toward this cause, follow these steps::

  1. Write a check payable to "BETHEL ACTIVE YOUTH MINISTRY (BAYM)"
  2. On the memo line of the check, indicate that the donation is for "BETHEL ACTIVE YOUTH MINISTRY (BAYM)"
  3. Mail your check to:

BAYM headquarter:
Village: Nyamata I
Cell: Nyama y'umujyi
Sector: Nyamata
District: Bugesera

Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated!

Donation Total: Fr 50 000


Our History

  • Bethel Active Youth Ministry also known as (BAYM) is a local movement of Christians from Rwandan youth communities. We are gathered together regardless of different age groups or various Christian traditions and backgrounds. We are dedicated to serving Jesus and spreading the gospel, multiply the disciples of Jesus Christ and planting churches through sport. Also known as BAYM, we are united in a common purpose to know God and to make Him known.
  • Back when we started in 2010, where we began from God’s calling; the founder Evangelist Sawado NSHIMIYIMANA launched a faith-based non denomination Christian youth movement starting from his own village in the northern province of the country in Gicumbi district.
  • The main focus was to have many young people in Rwanda get involved in Christian missions. Today, ten years later our main focus is still in the same, but also we have expanded our vision where we are also involved in Church planting, caring for the orphans, street kids, refugees and widows to show them the hope of Jesus.
  • One of the joys of participating in BAYM is to work with youth and people from many Rwandan Villages eastern African countries with a different and difficult backgrounds. We are currently operating in 3 provinces of the country (Northern and Southern plus Kigali city) and 3 refugees camps (2 camps in Rwanda and church planting 1 at Nakivare refugee camp in Uganda).